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My 25 Favorite Piano Players
Charlie's Favorites

Charlie provides a list of his 25 favorite rock piano players - and the players who made him want to play the piano hard and loud.

Posted by Charlie Recksieck on 2022-03-22 Read post

THE Best Fast Food Items
Eat This

When you have driven all across the U.S. you become eminently qualified as an expert on fast food. The Ringer once put out a controversial list of best 50 fast food items. Our list has 100 items, so it's twice as good.

Posted by The Bigfellas on 2022-03-15 Read post

Cokie Awards
Excellence (And Non-Excellence) In Cocaine Film & TV

We are excited to present our awards for the portrayal of cocaine in TV, movies and music in a multitude of categories. This should be your one-stop shop for YouTube videos and definitive awards on movie coke snorting. (Our mothers would be so proud.)

Posted by The Bigfellas on 2022-01-11 Read post