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100 Bob Dylan Song Covers
A hundred different songs, a hundred different artists

We love making lists and playlists here. But I feel like this is the best Bob Dylan cover song list you're gonna find. No repeats of artists or songs. Only Dylan inspires this kind of second-hand greatness.

* Posted by Charlie Recksieck on 2024-02-20 Read post

We Are The World - Plus 40 Years
A Review Of "The Greatest Night In Pop"

I just stumbled into the We Are The World documentary on Netflix and wanted to share what I got from the experience. I'm always trying to show what it's like in a studio, but only this doc can show what it's like to be in the studio with 45 music legends.

* Posted by Charlie Recksieck on 2024-02-13 Read post

Podcasts Episodes You Need To Listen To (Part 2)
Great Podcast Discoveries For You

We've all heard of the major podcasts; you don't need me telling you about Smartless or My Favorite Murder. But here's several that you need to be aware of if you haven't been already. Most of these bear repeat listening.

* Posted by Charlie Recksieck on 2024-02-06 Read post