Songs Of The Simpsons


Songs Of The Simpsons
Our Favorites - Doh!

Posted by Charlie Recksieck on 2023-07-18
What needs to be said about The Simpsons. In this space I've offered many playlists and other posts have extolled the virtue of my favorite comedies and comedy sketches. With a wealth of great Simpsons songs over the years, this is an easy list to make.


They've put some incredible fun songs to great use - Barry White singing the snakes out of town to "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love Babe" and Gene Mertino with "South Of The Border" about the "happiest place on Earth �" Tijuana!" But this list is all about original songs; or, failing that, existing songs sung well by a Simpsons character with new lyrics.

One last justification: I watched this show religiously for the first 8-9 years and in the 20 to 80 years since, I've probably only seen, on average, 1 show per year. So I'm at a slight disadvantage putting a definitive list together - but on the plus side, I still have a lot of new (to me) episodes to look forward to.

Video Form

Scroll down for the Spotify list (which is missing Sending Our Love Down The Well and a couple of other beauties). Meanwhile, we are providing a public service by putting video of our favorite 16 songs from The Simpsons in one place.

1. Canyonero

2. Capital City

3. Flaming Moe's

4. Monorail Song

5. President's Song

6. Mr. Plow

7. Send In The Clowns

8. Senor Burns

9. Planet Of The Apes Musical

10. Opening Theme

11. We're Sending Our Love Down The Well

12. Baby On Board

13. It Was A Very Good Beer

14. Itchy And Scratchy Song

15. See My Vest

16. Duff Beer For Me


Link to the list: - there’s a few bonus audio Spotify ones in here.