100 Bob Dylan Song Covers


100 Bob Dylan Song Covers
A hundred different songs, a hundred different artists

Posted by Charlie Recksieck on 2024-02-20
Is there a better songwriter to cover than Bob Dylan?

I LOVE his records. But let's at least say he doesn't have a classic singing voice, so plenty of songwriters think they can improve that aspect. His recordings skew a little towards the low-fi, which means that cover bands can make things bigger and broader.

Apart from all of that, Dylan songs really are great. You've got the onslaughts of words like "Like A Rolling Stone" and "Subterranean Homesick Blues" (I even wrote one of those myself: an homage to Dylan, about Dylan.) My song is about how hung up people are on that era and mode of songwriting of his, even though he has so many more genres.

In reality, he has his country songs, his well-produced Infidels stuff, his 90's-to-2000's work. He has long songs and short ones. Sweet lyrics and biting lyrics. Personal stuff alongside socially conscious stuff.

If you want to cover a singer/songwriter and want options, Bob's your guy.

The Playlist

I won't mince too many words, I just want to get this playlist in front of you.

The toughie about this playlist is that I'm using 100 different artists for the 100 songs. It would have been easy to have Hendrix, The Byrds, Willie Nelson, Tom Petty, The Band and Lucinda Williams with multiple selections, but I didn't. AND I didn't repeat the same song. There's no other songwriter a list like this could be done for.

We've got the playlist embedded below but it's only snippets if you're not logged into Spotify and your browser allows it. Meanwhile, we've included a link: