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The Bigfellas

"Stuff On The Moon"

from the album: Chubbed Up



Just one small step for man
We only went just to say we can
We suffer from a short attention span
Quit right after we began

I was thinking that we’ve done too much too soon
I was thinking bout the stuff we left on the moon

One giant leap for manking
Take a look around then get back inside
Breathe the oxygen and take that ride
There’s a lot of stuff we left behind


Golf balls, cameras, boots and flags
Helmets, gloves and photographs
6-iron, batteries, spoons and trash
Backpacks, statues, plaques and flags


We leave stuff wherever we go
Trash floating off of Mexico
Nobody wants a dump near home
The moon’s just another place we own


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Shay Bell: drums, percussion
Charlie Recksieck: keyboards, vocals
Jeff Johnson: bass
Keith Goodwin: acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Shaun Randall: electric guitar
Don Hickox: violin
Kevin Walker: percussion
Bill Maine: vocals
Mary Grasso: vocals
Spud Davenport: vocals

Stuff On The Moon - Video