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Charlie Recksieck

"Suicide Song, The"

from the album: Don't Change The Subject Soundtrack



Life is wrong - suicide - Here's a song - don't decide
Til you hear, friendly advice

There's jumping, drowning, hanging, fire, asphyxiation
Shooting, OD-ing, shock, pills & drinking poison not romantic, let's get that straight
You shoot yourself & bullet pierces the skull
Splashes your brain and you hear the dull roar of the fragments, til the nerves all break

Suicide - So many methods all have been applied
Kills a million every year worldwide
For every one who does there's ten who tried
Bona fide - I know you dream of it but don't decide
If the thought is there it might subside
But then you died

Hey there friend. You're in a state. There's no else. There are no - people who know what's going on
Why the end’ You can wait. And kill yourself. Tomorrow - Maybe you have got this whole thing wrong

When you hang yourself your face will bloat
Your eyes will bulge and you'll lose control of your bowels and still feel it (scat)
You feel like you're drowning and there's no oxygen
Heavy and dizzy & the adrenalin makes you squirm with spasms and fits

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Shay Bell: drums, vocals
Charlie Recksieck: keyboards, acoustic guitar, banjo, lead vocals
Andy Machin: electric guitar, bass, vocals