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Charlie Recksieck

"Always Be"

from the album: Don't Change The Subject Soundtrack



You think there's one solution - You think you've got a plan
After execution - you take your life into your hands
Maybe the soul is something you destroy
Maybe life's a tragedy filled with joy

Always Be
Do you think you've got an answer’ Do you believe in ever after’
Do you think this lasts forever’ Do you think that we'll remember’

Can you really picture - what nothingness is like’
Or are you so conceited - to think you'll see the other side’
Life is awful and wonderful I'm told
Sometimes wisdom is wasted on the old

Do you believe in ever after’ Are you sure there's nothing left here’
Do you think you'll be forever’ Do you think that you'll remember’

When you hit the moment, past the point of no return
When you pull the trigger, what will you have learned’
You don't really have the right to be wrong
By the time you see the light you will be gone

Always Be
And while you are forgetting - Are you instantly regretting’
While you head into forever’ How will you be remembered’
The chalk line on the sidewalk - The wall that's covered with brains
The empty bottle of pills - The bump in front of the train
The toaster in the bathtub - The little splash in the bay
While you head into forever’ Have you really gone away’

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Shay Bell: drums, vocals
Charlie Recksieck: keyboards, acoustic guitar, bass, banjo, lead vocals
Andy Machin: electric guitar, vocals
Keith Goodwin: electric guitar