The Bigfellas "California King"

from the album: Chubbed Up (2008)



Nudie bars, meth labs, round the block from Disneyland
Redwoods and deserts made of stone
Factories, wineries, offshore oil refineries
Big enough to be a country of its own

What do you get a place
That’s got a lot of everything
Maybe we can recall
And get a California king

Star Wars, megastores, bodybuilding governors
Vegetarians who love to shoot their guns
Aerospace apportions, legalized abortions,
Over two million illegal aliens


And we need him right now
And we need him around
Can we get him a crown
Can we get him right now

Mormons, Buddhists, Scientologists and nudists
Survivalists and science fiction fans
Stadium expansions, millionaire McMansions
Hollywood elite and poor Republicans



Shay Bell: drums
Charlie Recksieck: piano, bass, acoustic guitar, vocals
Keith Goodwin: electric guitar
Mary Grasso: vocals