2024 Film & Album

"You Are Here" - The Movie

Believe it or not, Backyard Green Films is making a documentary about us, The Bigfellas. We can't believe it either. But now that's mostly filmed, it's a pretty great look behind the curtain at how albums get made. And it should be a fun ride along the way since Shay and Charlie are funnier than your typical rock musicians.

Half of the movie is a travelogue in Ireland where Charlie tours the country and various recording studios before reuniting with Shay in his hometown of Wexford. The rest is watching us make the new album in the studio with all of the expected silliness.

PLEASE GIVE (Kickstarter) - Director/producer of the film Rick Bowman has been doing this on his dime and he needs your and our help to get some money in coffers to be able to get this into festivals and promote it in 2024 to raise awareness and get people to see it. Can you help?

"You Are Here" - The Album

It's gonna be 14 original songs, our longest since Chubbed Up.

Of course, Shay and Charlie are all over the album but plenty of special guests from The Bigfellas family (kinda like the Manson Family, but more musical). Drums, piano, guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals, accordion, banjo, fiddle, trumpet, sax, trombone. Those are all of the instruments we could think to use.

Longtime Bigfellas fans can rejoice to hear live staples such as "Amsterdam", "Philosopher's Blues", "Elephant In The Room". You'll hear some we've had in the works for a while like "Senor Amor", "World's Fiar, 1915" and "Why On Earth" and some that we're finishing the songwriting about 30 minutes before we record them e.g. "Not From Cork" and "Love Means Nothing In Tennis."