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Our Polka Moment


Our Polka Moment
I Wish That I Were Gay - Polka Version

Posted by Charlie Recksieck on 2023-03-14
Did you know we could polks?

For one shining moment, we put out a polka song. It’s a reworking of our "classic" song "I Wish That I Were Gay". It’s on the special edition pink EP we’re really proud of although it didn’t get enough attention. Even our most ardent fans, which isn’t a massive group, aren’t all aware of that record. We have the leftover CD inventory of the "I Wish That I Were Gay" EP to prove it. But don’t worry - you can listen to it here or on Spotify without paying us for it.

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Intro - The Schmenges

Shay and I are both huge Lawrence Welk fans. That probably should not surprise you. It was probably a matter of time until we eventually made a polka song.

As for the intro, it’s lifted from a scene in the fantastic SCTV spinoff movie, "The Last Polka" starring Eugene Levy and John Candy. If this blog post gets even one new person to watch it on YouTube, then this blog is all worth it. If that person is you, you’re welcome! It might be the funniest hour of comedy you’ve seen in a long time. If nothing else, Rick Moranis’ cameo as Leutonian singer Linsk Minyk doing his guest spot in their final concert is as good as anything he’s ever done.

That opening sample is from the movie and its insane alternate reality of polka popularity. Enjoy - both the movie and the song.