"Key To A Door" (live)


"Key To A Door" (live)
Video from Goodbar, San Diego

Posted by Charlie Recksieck on 2023-04-11
Hi Everybody,

I just want to thank everybody who came to a joint CD release party last Saturday - for Spud Davenport’s brand new "Songs For The Cynical" and my Chuck Charles album "Hiya". We had a great time - and thanks to Goodbar, our musical home every Thursday night in San Diego (Pt. Loma). It’s a great hang 6-8pm every Thursday after work.


We’ll have some more video and recordings from here soon. Meanwhile, we do want to point out that our YouTube Channel (BigfellasVideo) will be getting a lot more active. We’re putting out a lot more content like our version of Tiny Desk Concerts, great stories in Story Time With Shay and a whole lot more now that we’ve been lucky enough to pair up with Backyard Green Films and Rick Bowman here in San Diego.

Please click Subscribe on our BigfellasVideo YouTube channel. We hate to bug you for clicks, likes, follows, etc. but unfortunately that stuff does matter in music. Plus it’ll let YouTube’s algorithm pop some new stuff of ours in your direction. Thanks! We appreciate the follows, likes and comments.

Key To A Door

With no further ado, enjoy the live performance of "Key To A Door" from Hiya. You’ll see saxophonist Andrew Zahariak pop onstage for a cameo - love that guy!