Recent Live Video


Recent Live Video
Chuck Charles Live At Goodbar

Posted by Charlie Recksieck on 2023-08-22
On several weeks we feature new video on "Big Wednesdays". It's good for us to put out some fresh performances. One thing I know about the modern era for indie bands is that you need to be your own agent, your own label, your own videographer, your own social media expert, your own contract lawyer, etc. This sounds kind of crazy but while you're trying to advance your career or do what it takes to get more ears and eyeballs on your music - it's shockingly easy to forget to actually put out new music! Videos As such, we like the regularity of Big Wednesday videos. We just give heads up on social media when they appear. But this week in this blog post we want to feature some recent solo live ones to make sure you've seen em. Both of these are from Charlie's 2023 residency at Goodbar in Point Loma (San Diego). The Boxer You never go broke playing a Paul Simon song. And I think it's always novel to play a guitar song on the piano (and vice versa). Stuff On The Moon The Bigfellas had some songs that listeners embraced on a first listen - "On The Green", "Dollar For Every Dime", "California King", "I Wish That I Were Gay". Lost in the shuffle of that first album was a trippy song about all of the trash mankind has left on the moon.