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Music CD Release Checklist - Part 3


Music CD Release Checklist - Part 3
Part 3: CD Release Party and Beyond

Posted by Charlie Recksieck on 2022-10-11
Finally. We wrap up this 4200-word treatise on how to release an album. Part 1 and Part 2 have already run.

To anybody using this advice on a music release, we would LOVE to hear how yours went!

Album Release Time

CD Release Party - We mentioned it before. If you invite me, I'm more likely to go to a bowling release party than a cash bar release party. Again, it's kind of promotional but this really is your #1 time to enjoy the hard work of your release. I also encourage you to play some live but also have another musician/band there to play.

Local Radio - Most major cities have a radio station with a weekly program dedicated to local artists. Approach those shows for a spot. They really do love breaking new acts.

And Yet More Mailing List - Yes, you've told them about it previously. But now that it's available, tell them they can buy it starting today.

And More Ads - The beauty about Facebook or Google is that they are very targeted. If I want to concentrate my small ad buy on Ben Folds fans in California, I can do that extremely efficiently.

1-2 Months Following Release

Share Reviews - Post excerpts and links to album reviews and airplay as they happen. It's not "bragging", it's "promotion."

Spotify - Pitch to Spotify playlists. It's a world until itself, but another avenue worth a shot.

Give Thanks - Send thank you's to everybody who gave you airplay and reviews.

Reddit - Share it on Reddit. Just like with Facebook specificity, there are so many tailored groups you can post on. Just don't be too salesy, and don't pretend to be anything other than an indie artist. People like supporting DIY musicians, let them.

Back To The Mailing List - Update them on how it's going. It'll make your friends and family happy to see a few nice reviews. And it's a great time to thank your biggest advocates (the mailing list) for their help.

Got Another Video? - If you've got a second video, whether cheap or expensive, get another video out in that first month. Keep the momentum going.

Most Important Thing To Remember

Enjoy this!

It's a labor of love. It's easy to get caught up in all of the labor you have to do to promote a record but remember to feel the love of it. You love your music. You're just trying to bring others in to love it too.

Yes, you want this campaign to be successful enough to justify making another record. If it falls short, you at least know it wasn't for lack of trying. Hang in there.

And after that, start think about making the next album. Any true artist's favorite record is always the next one.

Need Help?

I've been through this a lot. I'd love to be able to share my experience with you, for what it's worth. I can help with lists of reviewers and radio contacts, strategy, specifics, websites, just about anything. If it's a quick question, I'm happy to answer for free. If it's more involved, I can't work totally gratis - even just some nominal consulting money will keep a person more invested than a well-intentioned volunteer.

Or please let us know about your experience promoting. We'd love to share it - or share your guest article - here on the blog.