Story Time With Shay (#3)


Story Time With Shay (#3)
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Posted by Shay Bell on 2023-07-28
EDITOR NOTE: During our 2023 trip to Ireland, we started filming some interviews of Shay and Charlie telling old stories. Back when we first started, we had an idea of "Story Time With Shay" to be inserted in the pauses of David Bowie songs. OK, maybe that wasn't a winner. But finally, we're collecting some classic Bigfellas stories.

Once a month or so, we'll roll out another installment of Story Time With Shay. It will debut here first - sometimes with transcript for the Irish-impaired; and also appearsonline on our YouTube channel as part of our new Big Wednesday series.

An all-timer from Shay. Pre-legalized marijuana in California, Shay tried medical marijuana and it did NOT go well, medically.

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