This Blog ... Why?


This Blog ... Why?
A Mission Statement

Posted by Charlie Recksieck on 2021-11-23
Just what the world needs, another blog. Right? Well I've got three good reasons and three less-compelling others for starting this.

Clearing House For Goofy Ideas

Every bit of creativity and inspiration has a place it could go. Several years ago, I was got to wondering about all of the things that mankind, I mean NASA, has brought to the moon and left behind. Thinking about the pristine lunar surface and all of our earth trash up there, I figured it would make for a terrific magazine article.

As it turns out, I'm lazy. Doing rock-solid research, writing and re-writing a credible and interesting article, and submitting them to a proper print outlet all seemed a little daunting. Instead, I wrote a song (Stuff On The Moon). I don't even think it took 2 hours. Done.

By the way, songwriting is the easiest of the creative arts �" to the point of being unfair. Compared to the years of dedicated craft to write a novel or the money and coordinated effort to make a movie, we songwriters get off easy. There are songwriter awards being handed out to songs that have seriously been written in less than 15 minutes of total work. Remember that when you see somebody win a Grammy.

A Small Interested Audience

In the good old-fashioned days of emails, bands would send out newsletters pushing out every thought, new song, or gig announcement. Actually, that's not even really a thing of the past.

But with a blog, it's more of an "opt-in" relationship for you. This way, you hopefully don't read too much more than you're truly interested in while we as a band keep our powder dry with our email list for more important announcements. You don't need a weekly newsletter from us telling you about how we wrote half of a verse for an exciting new song, before segueing to the part of the newsletter where we solicit GoFundMe donations for us to buy a video camera or go on a tour we have no business going on.

Other Voices

Hopefully, we'll be presenting articles and opinions from other people in our orbit, friends, fellow musicians. You'll be hearing plenty from me. But one of the best things I could do with the blog is just act as a curator for other interesting artists.

Keep My Writing Chops Up

Creativity breeds more creativity. This rationale for the blog is selfish on my part. But writing uses a series of muscles. If you don't write, those muscles get flabby.

I've been writing a blog for my day job as a software developer Plannedscape. At first, it seemed like I was throwing anonymous post-its into a windstorm when that blog began in 2019. With those early posts, I would promote them on social media and still only get 15 reads. But over time, a funny thing happened in that a consistent blog with meaningful content was seeing many more eyeballs by 2021. New posts now get more like 200 reads. Such is the magic of Google.

On that blog I've chipped away consistently and then I just looked back and saw a great archive of 100 varied posts with mostly useful information. There's only one way to really build up a "body of work": consistency.

Peek Behind The Curtain

I take for granted what it's like to be a musician. My ex used to marvel that I could hear a song and just play it immediately on the piano; I marveled that other people can't. Similarly, when we've gone into a studio and made professional quality records �" I forget that it's a mystifying process to somebody who's never felt the pressure of recording vocal tracks while the studio $ meter is running.

Whenever possible, we want to share what it's like to record, to compose, to play live, and to be on the road. 85% of those stories are really entertaining.

Introduce People To New Music

I've loved music all of my life - and I've listened to an insane amount of it. As the amount of great music out there seems to grow exponentially, meanwhile the commonality of great radio stations and trust in Rolling Stone to tell you what you should check out all seem to be disappearing.
It's hard to find new stuff.

Let's see what I can find out there for us to check out and listen to.