More Live Video


More Live Video
Chuck Charles Live At Goodbar

Posted by Charlie Recksieck on 2023-10-25
Back, and not necessarily by popular demand, is some performance video. Enjoy!


This week’s blog post we want to feature more recent solo live video to make sure you've seen em. Both of these are from Charlie's 2023 residency at Goodbar in Point Loma (San Diego).

This One's For You

Singer/songwriter Ed Harcourt is criminally underrated, under-listened-to, and under used on film and tv soundtracks. Here's a stripped down version of just one of his many great songs.

Senor Amor

A fantasy if I was Brian Wilson, what I would have to say about my cousin and father who half ruined the Beach Boys. We just tracked this in the studio for an album that's coming next year. We're so damn excited to get that out there to the world!